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Chrome extension that transforms your new tab into professional dashboard with widgets.
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Boost your productivity.
Start using Satellite Tab today.
New tab is the most visited page. Satellite Tab extension makes it useful and customizable.
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  • Multiple boards

    - create workspaces for different contexts. Completely customizable.
  • Custom backgrounds

    - upload any image you like, or choose a solid color.
  • Widgets

    that allow you to repeat the functionality of the default new tab page: search box, speed dial links. To ensure you lose nothing by switching to Satellite Tab.
  • Additional widgets

    : translator (Google Translate), quick notes, upcoming calendar events (Google Calendar synchronization), to-do list, weather, world time.

Upcoming widgets

  • Timer & Stopwatch
  • ChatGPT
  • Grammarly
  • Task tracker: Trello, Jira, and others
  • RSS feed
  • Stocks
  • Calculator
  • Unit and currency converter
  • Time tracker
  • ...and more!
Search box
To-do list
World time
Comprehensive current weather situation at a glance. Humidity, UV-index, wind power and direction, sunset/sunrise time. Daily and hourly forecast.
Weather widget demo
Upcoming events. Google calendar integration. Work with multiple calendars.
Calendar widget demo
A simple quick note is always at hand. Replacement for sticky notes on your monitor.
Note widget demo
Add identity to the new tab page.
Label widget demo
Web search bar, like on a default new tab page.
Search box widget demo
Your personal quick access bookmarks.
Links widget demo
Quick access to Google Translate functionality.
Translator widget demo
A simple quick note in the form of a to-do list. Great place for daily tasks to focus on.
To-do list widget demo
Easy time conversion between multiple time zones. Day/night, date, and zone change notifications. Daylight saving time change visualization. Time by location name.
World time widget demo
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